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The Last of Me

The Virtual Reality RPG Game

The Last of Me is an adventure story about loneliness and survive in nature. Players can use first- person view to see this virtual world. There is no other human being in it except “you”. Start at 800 point blood, your blood keeps decreasing by 0 points, that means the game is over. Your only job it to survive. There are some colorful and special plants in the environment that will help you add more blood, kill your blood or give some obstruction. Remember, each plants function will helpful to get more time or blood. Good luck and start with the adventure.

After all of this game This game consists of two levels, forest level 1 and desired level 2. The level is more easily based on more helpful special plants and more time. For the whole environment, level 1 looks more natural and vivid. Level 2 has more harmful special plants, which slow your speed or decrease your blood. Players can use the controller to move in order to find special plants and eat.

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