High fitness, your private personal trainer, providing professional fitness classes and nutrition programs, helping you to achieve health and fitness goal.



It’s normal that individuals come to a situation: high demands on taking care of body fitness but lack of professional resources.


Workout anytime, anywhere. No equipment needed, just use your discrete time of day, in inner room place or gym.











Fitness isn't a seasonal hobby. Fitness is a lifestyle.

Most of users especially beginner level want to get in better shape through working out.

Compare with going to gym directly, over 50% people would like to guided by fitness app first

More convenient  and cheaper are two reasons for people to use fitness app.

There are four main features that users wants for a fitness app: Personal training plan, training tutorial, professional workout knowledge and nutrition program.







High fitness is the workout app for beginners who have no personal trainer service, but crave professional workout guidance.

Age: 20-35

Sex: All genders

Occupation:Students or young professionals

Environment: City. Stressed and scarce spare time of urban life.


1. The app features an abundance of five to twenty minutes targeted workouts.

2. Efficiently to make full use of discrete time of day, even 2 minutes, to practice variety of exercise by professional instructions based on fitness goal, equipmented or not and time span.

3. Quick start by playing human actored video with precise illustration and instruction

4. Customize personal training plans for user with scientific health and physical knowledge, help user to achieve fitness goal


 Basic Account

  1. Collect requirements and goals

  2. Make plans of workout and diet based on goals

  3. Provide basic workout plan: basic training courses (entry-level)

  4. Provide diet recipes, and calories calculation

  5. Provide popularized knowledgeable articles

  6. Track basic data of body workout progress

  7. Remind exercises and diet regularly


Premium Account

  1. Collect requirements and goals. Help user to clarify reasonable goals

  2. Make plans of workout and diet based on goals

  3. Provide professional workout plan

  4. Provide diet recipes, and calories calculation

  5. Provide professional workout articles. Advanced search by body parts

  6. Track multiple metrics data of body workout progress

  7. Analyze workout data

  8. Supervise on daily training and diet regularly
















I created a survey and conducted user interviews to uncover motivations, goals, and pain points of using fitness apps. Below are some of the results from my survey which we used to dig in on more specific questions during our user interviews. 


Workout-Class Feature:

User Behavior: Select proper course and execute training for user .

Basic Need: Acquire a professional tutorial

Deep Need: Dismiss beginner’s worries of workout. Professional cutting and bulking training content. Help user to get in a good shape and keep fit.

Diet-Food category:

User Behavior: Calculate calories by user’s input of daily food ingredients and categories.   

Basic Need: Acquire a professional calculation and analysis

Deep Need: Achieve controlling of diet and food intake

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